The Trauma Healing Journey

I invite you to join me on the amazing and freeing journey of healing from trauma. When we heal, we discover ourselves, learn to like ourselves, and find out God has indeed created us wonderfully with many talents and abilities.

Life, before we heal, is often full of pain, anxiety, loneliness, sorrow, etc. We struggle to push through life the best we can. We often end up doing things we don’t want to do and not liking ourselves. Before we heal, we usually have no clue who we are and may not like ourselves. We may have poor relationships, abuse, neglect, addictions, and hurt ourselves and others. We may feel depressed, suicidal, anxious/fearful, bitter, addicted, and life is awful.

The first step to healing is to DECIDE we do not want to live this way anymore and want a better life. We decide to heal from past trauma we have experienced. This may be the first time we have ever focused on ourselves, which can create anxiety even thinking about it. And because of what trauma taught us, we never saw ourselves as worthy or valuable.

The second step is to commit to doing whatever it takes to heal. The journey must have integrity, honesty, and love. We may not know how and for most people, this means finding a trauma psychotherapist who knows how to help people heal. Not all therapists are trained in trauma. Interview them before you hire them.

The third step is to give our healing process all the time, effort, energy, and needed resources – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual areas. This includes God. God is the ultimate healer giving us the love and strength we need for the journey.

How do if know I need to heal? If you answer yes to most of these, choosing to heal is important for you.

  1. Do you like yourself and your life?
  2. Are you depressed? Anxious? Bitter? Angry?
  3. Were you traumatized?

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