We all get angry. I can hit someone or release my anger appropriately. It is my choice what I do with it. My choice is vital! Prisons are filled with people who choose to hurt others with their anger, and many have suffered from it.

Anger is different from other feelings because it has powerful energy and adrenalin. Anger needs to be released physically. Follow the three rules, which is a must. Here are some suggestions.

  1. Find a safe, alone place for you to release the anger.
  2. Never hurt yourself, anything, or one alive. Don’t damage property you don’t want to damage. No yelling, hitting, cursing, throwing, etc., at people. You can do it at things, walls, woods, etc.
  3. Decide how you want to release the anger physically. Walking until we calm down does not release it. Hit, throw, beat up pillows, punch bags, dead trees, waves, scream into water, chop wood, large vegetables, etc. I have a duffle bag and bat to teach anger release in my office.
  4. You may feel silly when you start. Then the anger will come. Work past the uncomfortable part to get to the anger release.
  5. Yell/Scream! We usually were not allowed to have a voice when traumatized. To get our voice back, or for the first time, scream from your gut where the anger is stored. Yelling from your throat can give us a sore throat.

Finding the way that works for you to release your anger may take some time. We all have the feeling of anger, God-given. We can pretend we don’t and may turn it into tears, numbness, etc. All our feelings are wonderful a teaching us about ourselves and our world. What we Do with them is good or bad

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